Checklist For Propagating

Through the years I developed a simple way to start vegetable and flower seeds for my garden.  I live in a small house and use my dining table to set-up the propagating process.  After that’s done I set the mini-greenhouse in the kitchen window until some of the seeds sprout.  Then, I place the planted flat under the grow light lamp stand on a library table in my office.  In the early years I set the lamp up on the dryer in the garage.  After gnat attacks and subsequent virus infections I realized the tender seedlings needed more protection.  So, first thing in the morning I turn the lamp on and last thing at night, I turn it off.  Works beautifully.

Here’s a list of what I use to start the seeds for the garden:

1.  Organic, GMO-Free seeds!   I either order them from catalogs or purchase at a local nursery.  I prefer heirlooms for the diversity and to promote their use.  By the time I am ready to start the seeds I have already chosen the selection and decided how many plants I need.

2.  Get a Propagation Kit that includes a dome, multi-celled insert that fits into a solid bottom flat. You can order a 50-cell through for $16.95 plus shipping.  Mine looks new after years of use.

3.  Organic, sterile seed starter.  I learned the hard way by using garden soil; pathogens killed the tender seedlings and the crop was lost.

4.  Adjustable table grow light stand.   The one I have is simple and sturdy costing about $50.00.  Available from Amazon.

5.  Garden journal with pen.

6.  Tape and waterproof marker, spoon and wide mouthed funnel.

More to come…

Some of the heirloom tomatoes started from seed indoors – 2015

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  1. J Toner says:

    That’s it…just the roadmap I’ve been looking for. The tomato harvest photo is simply amazing.

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