Sowing Seeds Indoors

When I first started gardening I bought all the plants I needed from local nurseries.  As the years passed I wanted more to grow varieties and explore the vast world of heirlooms.   It’s one thing to read about propagating and another to actually do it successfully!   I had my failures.  And I don’t have a greenhouse so I managed with the small space I have.  Because you and I may live in very different climates, find out when it is the best time to start your indoor seeds for the Spring and Summer garden. Your local nursery can assist you.  Don’t plant too early.  A good rule is most annual flowers and vegetables can be sown about 6 weeks before the last frost.

I like to plant and transplant according to the lunar cycle.  If you want to do this also, you can check the Old Farmers Almanac for Moon planting dates.  Some say it’s just Old Wive’s Tales and doesn’t make any difference in how fast or well the plants grow.  But I am a poet and there’s mystery in the whole process of planting seeds.  I often feel it’s a sacred ritual to have the honor of growing them. More to come…

Harvest 2015 - Heirloom Seeds

2015 Harvest from Heirloom Seeds

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