Welcome To The World, Seedlings!

After some of the seeds have sprouted when the propagators are in the sunny window, I move them to the grow lamps and take the domes off. This is because the lamps generate warmth and the domes can accumulate too much moisture. The excess moisture can create an environment for mildew and fungus.

I lower the light fixture to about 4 inches above the propagator, turning it on about 8:00 AM and turning it off about 10:00 PM.   (This photo was taken when the seedlings were about two weeks old.)

Here they are. Welcome to the world, little ones. These seedlings are 7 days old after sowing.

11 day old tomato seedlings with one set of leaves so far. These are sturdy and green. Every morning I check to see if the cells need moisture. Avoid getting leave wet, if you can, and please, don’t let your seedlings dry out.

13 days old!  Cucumbers looking good.  Does she look like she’s doing a yoga pose?  Praying?

Almost ready to transplant.

Tomatoes here are developing their second set of leaves so now I refer to my Farmers Almanac and the Lunar Cycle guide for dates to transplant!

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